The Real Estate Council of British Columbia implemented changes effective June 15, 2018 in regards to how real estate agents are allowed to serve consumers.

All Realtors in B.C. are licensed and have certain legal disclosure requirements.  Licensees must make a disclosure to consumers about whether or not the licensee will represent the party as a client as well as explain our legal obligations to a consumer.  We have attached a couple of forms as well as a video that we are required to give to any consumer who enquires about any properties and/or our services. Can you please look over the forms and watch the video.  We will be required to go over these forms in more depth, should you want to look at any properties.  You are under no obligation to sign any of these forms. They simply explain our obligations to a consumer.  If you have any questions about any of the forms, we would be happy to give you a full explanation.

The video walks you through the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services form and what it means for you and how it protects your interests in a real estate transaction.