The Aitken Group ~ 6 P’s

At the Aitken Group, our plan is simple:  ”To be as honest, open and transparent as possible in order to foster an active partnership with our clients that will lead to mutual success.” We know that we cannot reach our goals without first reaching yours!  Want to know our strategy for achieving this???

Here are our 6 P’s…

1.  Professionalism – Rebecca is a licensed professional real estate agent.  This means that she has completed the educational requirements necessary to apply for and maintain a license to practise real estate trading services.  Rebecca is a member in good standing with OMREB, CREA and BCREA.  She works under the umbrella of Royal LePage and has access to many resources that allow her to provide exceptional service for our clients.

2.  Partnership – Did you know that the original Aitken Group slogan was “The Power of Team Work”?  None of this happens without a strong partnership with our clients.  Our clients are our main focus, whether buying or selling a home.  We work for and with our clients!  It is their best interests that are at the heart of what we do.  It is an active partnership… our clients are involved in every step of the journey.  There is constant communication ensuring that we have fully heard our client’s needs and wishes so we can implement and follow through on our strategic plan to reach their goal.  From our brokerage through to the Royal LePage Rewards partnerships in the business community, we are proud to give our clients even more advantages as we all work together.

3.  Planning – We have a plan!  Whether our clients are buyers or sellers we have a well though out strategy in place and are ready to execute this plan on our clients behalf.  From marketing to property research, we are always advancing our skills, resources and knowledge to help our clients achieve success. 

4.  Passion – Did we mention that we love what we do?  We are passionate about helping our clients meet and exceed their goals.  It is what we do everyday with every client on every transaction.  Remember… We cannot reach our goals without first reaching yours! This is what drives us and keeps us striving to improve our service with every client.

5.  Personality – We are a pretty fun bunch!  We know how emotional and stressful this transaction can be so we work hard to help our clients navigate the journey with as little stress as possible and have fun as we go!  We want nothing less than an exceptional experience from start to finish and for us that definitely includes laughter…lots of laughter.  

6.  Promise – It is our promise to give our best for our clients and their families.  We count it a privileged to help others with the biggest purchase of their life!  At the Aitken Group, we truly understand the importance of family… We promise to work hard, be honest and fair, kind and considerate and provide all our clients with the best experience we can offer.  

The Power Of Teamwork

“There is no bigger compliment that I can receive than your trust and confidence by sending your kind referrals my way!” ~ Rebecca Aitken