He’s tall…He’s odd…He’s Todd!!!

He’s tall…He’s odd…He’s Todd!!!  HGTV’s Love It or List It Vancouver has a huge following!  A big part of this is due to the on screen chemistry of their hosts, Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot.

What is Todd really like?

What is Todd really like?  Todd is a big goof ball!  How he is on TV is how he is in real life in our experience.  Witty, charming and very tall… his personality is almost as wild as the crazy suits he sports!  He never backs down from a pun and doesn’t care how cheesy he gets… That being said, he is also sensitive and caring.  He treated us both with respect and was always kind in our interactions as well as with the crew.


There is a real relationship there…

There is a real relationship there between Jillian and Todd.  It is similar to brother and sister with lots of playful teasing and jabs.  This continues non stop whether filming or just waiting to film.  They kept us giggling and often in trouble with the director.  It was truly nice to see that it isn’t just an act for the camera but they truly care about each other and this translates through the screen to the viewers.

Todd is very genuine.


Todd is very genuine.  He has a deep love for his family.  He spoke of them often with great affection.  We found this so relatable as our family is also extremely important to Cory and I.  We have the same family dynamics with both Todd and us having a daughter and a son.  He found it hard to be working away from his family and was always a wee bit more excited at the end of the week when he was headed home to them.  It was so enduring.

Todd made us feel so comfortable…

Todd made us feel so comfortable.  Cory and I are certainly not used to cameras, sound equipment, lighting etc. but Todd just has an easy way about him and we almost forgot what we were doing.  It felt more like casually hanging out with a buddy for coffee at times.  He is very good at his job and is very professional.  He definitely helped us feel more relaxed.  


Stay tuned for much more on our upcoming episode, our journey through the renovation and whether we are going to Love It or List It….

Cory & Rebecca Aitken

~ The Aitken Group ~