Read all about our experience with Jillian and Todd on Season VI of HGTV’s Love It or List It Vancouver!!


So many people have asked us this simple questions… Why? Why a TV show?   It isn’t an easy answer, however I will try to explain the how and then I think this will explain the why…

‘My home was becoming my prison rather than my sanctuary.’

Rebecca Aitken

Five years ago this November…

Five years ago this November will mark the anniversary of a very tragic event in my life.  Myself, Cory and our son Joel were travelling to Vancouver from Kelowna to attend the Cross Country Running Provincials that Joel was a part of.  We had planned to drive to Vancouver and return home all in the same day.  I had checked the road reports for both the Connector and the Coquihalla  Hwy and the roads were clear, so we ventured off.

We had an uneventful drive to the coast.  Joel competed in his race and the boys attending the Vancouver Canucks game that afternoon as they were retiring Pavel Bure’s number.  We headed for Kelowna after the game was over.  I again checked the road conditions and again they were reported to be clear.

Just after 11:00 PM as we were coming up the hill out of Merritt, we encountered black ice.  Our Toyota Tacoma ended up spinning up the Hwy, rolling and we found ourselves backwards and upside down in the ditch wedged against a large rock face with glass, mud and snow everywhere.  Much of this is not from my memory…  I am repeating what I have been told as I was knocked unconscious during the crash.  Thankfully, we were the only vehicle involved and no one else was injured.

My life changed dramatically that evening…

My life changed dramatically that evening out on the Connector in the dark cold night.  We thought we had lost our son Joel… I am BEYOND thankful that was not the case!  While we are all ok, I was left with several lifelong injuries; both physical and mental.  Until you have this happen to you, (which I hope it never does), you can’t understand how PTSD, anxiety and a permanent brain injury manifests in your daily life.  

With the many physical limitations, life has been a struggle.  It was no longer easy just to cook a simple meal or walk up and down stairs.  My home was becoming my prison rather than my sanctuary.

We decided we needed to move…

We decided we needed to move.  I needed a Rancher style home where the main living is all on the same level… No more scary stairs to fall down!  So with that thought in mind, our house went up for sale.  We had several offers and it looked like it was a done deal, however just as we were about to put pen to paper we backed out.  We loved our neighbourhood!  This is where our kiddos had grown up and I had the measurement marks on the wall to prove it!  We loved our amazing lake view!  Would what we ended up with be worth what we were giving up?  This just didn’t seem to be the answer…

We then started to talk to local contractors, all of whom told us we would have to move out of our home for six to twelve months to do the work we were asking for and at a very hefty price!  YIKES!  We could afford to do the renovation but not on top of having to pay our current mortgage and rent elsewhere for that long… Now what?!

Our home was accepted to be part of Season VI…

I had heard that Jillian Harris had moved back to the Okanagan.  So I posted on her facebook page…I mean it couldn’t hurt to try!

Shortly after this, I saw an ad requesting Kelowna and area home owners to apply to be on the next season of Love It Or List It Vancouver!!!  Well, I think I got our application in that evening and after going through the screening process our home was accepted to be part of Season VI!

Stay tuned for much more on our upcoming episode, our journey through the renovation and whether we are going to Love It or List It….

Cory & Rebecca Aitken

~ The Aitken Group ~